Zipato Security Benefits & Features

Zipato is interactive security and automation service based on cloud technology. Zipato monitors your home security system 24 hour per day and sends instant alerts in case of any incident. Additionally, you can control, customize and automate all power devices in your home or even watch live video from your home wherever you are.

Next Generation Security System
- unlimited number of virtual alarms (partitions)
- up to 233 wireless zones easy integration with wired alarm systems (DSC, HoneywelL.)
- remote arm/disarm and get status-info with smartphone from anywhere in the world

24/7 Monitored Sensors
- intruder detection (motion sensors and door/window sensors)
- fire detection (smoke sensors)
- flood detection (water leakage sensors)
- gas detection (CO sensors)
- panic button
- duress (if someone force you to disarm your system)
- health care (alarms you in case of missing actions during particular time e.g. motion, door opening, laying on beL)

Security Automation
- includes arm/disarm commands in automated scenes and rules
- easy setup and configuration over web based interface
- uses same sensors for security and automation purposes
- automatically stops the flow of water or gas when leaks are detected

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting System
Zipato central station monitors your system 24 hours per day and triggers Immediate alarms to security guards, police, fire department or medical emergency.

Remote Arm/Disarm
Arm/Disarm your system quickly with your smartphone, wherever you are.

Monitored Water/Flood Sensors
Get alerts of water leaks early to avoid potential severe water damage.

Custom Notifications
Zipato can send e-mails or text messages, as well as video dips whenever important activity occurs, such as a child arriving home from school, housekeeper arriving at your home, medicine cabinet being open, plus more.

Vandal Proof
Being monitored 24 hours per day by central station which triggers immediate alarm in case of connection cut, Zipato represents virtually unbeatable home security system.

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