How to use scenes [advanced pt.1]


Scenes are the most basic level of automation.

Scene is just a group of devices set to the certain state (on, off, 30%, etc…). Once you call the scene by pressing the scene button, all devices in that group will go to that certain state.


  • 1.) In WEB UI go to the scenes feature
  • 2.) Create new scene which follows the previous video- Scenes [basic]
  • 3.) Create Scene bulbs OFF, where all your bulbs will be set to 0%
  • 4.) After that we are set to make our rules with Zipato's keyfob
  • 5.) First rule is to make reading scene
  • 6.) Go to Blocks- Control- and add WHEN block
  • 7.) Into WHEN block add SENSOR
  • 8.) ACTION puzzle goes in WHEN block, and with that puzzle we will trigger our scene
  • 9.) Go to Devices and find CONTROL and add keyfob button which will trigger this scene. In this case we choose Green button 1
  • 10.) After that go to select and choose green button 1 click
  • 11.) Now from SCENES choose Reading scene and add it to Action puzzle, and select Run scene
  • 12.) When you are done please SAVE and SYNCHRONIZE
  • 13.) The same process is for turning OFF bulbs, and for Movie scene
  • 14.) So repeat the steps, but change the trigger button, and scenes

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