Controller Backup

Controller Backup stores your current image of controller. That means that all your devices, rules, settings, etc. will be stored and you can get them back whenever you want. 


1.) First make sure you have Backup License (1-year) and that you upgraded everything via Web UI

2.) Open Controller settings

3.) At the bottom of Controller settings you will see the Controller Backup option

4.) Here's the options that are available for backup:

        - Create backup: this option creates backup of your controller

        - Select backup file: is option that shows all your backups

        - Details: shows description of your backup

        - Restore backup: is option for restoring selected backup

5.) To create backup press Create backup

6.) Add description to your backup, press SAVE and confirm

7.) Wait around 10-15 minutes to be sure that the backup is done, depends on number of devices on your controller

8.) Sync


9.) To restore backup, pick the backup from drop down menu, and select desired backup

10.) When you press on desired backup, press RESTORE BACKUP button

11.) Your controller will reboot, and your backup will be restored

12.) After it's done, press SYNC


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