Zipatile gesture movements with Zipato's RGBW bulb


- Zipato Zipatile Controller

- Zipato RGBW bulb


  • 1. Open up the rule creator
  • 2. Take out WHEN block and 4 IF blocks, we want our bulbs to respond on different gestures
  • 3. In WHEN block put JOIN block first, and after that 4 IF blocks
  • 4. Put SENSOR blocks into sensor spots 
  • 5. When you are done with that, add ACTION blocks into IF blocks
  • 6. Add bulbs into ACTION blocks and select desired action
  • 7. Put Touch Events into SENSOR blocks (you can find Touch events in devices and then control)
  • 8. For touch events choose gesture that you want, but the in WHEN block you should select Any
  • 9. When you're done with Touch events, select desired action in ACTION blocks
  • 10. After configurating our rule, press SAVE, and after that SYNCHRONIZE

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