​How to install 3rd party apps on ZipaTile


- Zipato Zipatile Controller


1) If you want to install new apps on your ZipaTile, first you should download apk file of desired application
2) First put you apk file on SD card, and place it into ZipaTile, and after that go to the File Manager app
3) Go to the File manager menu which is located at the top of the left corner, and then go to your external/removable sd card
4 )When you enter your SD Card find the apk file you want to install
5) Install your app
6) When the app is installed you can open it, or tap done, and find the installed app in app menu
7) See if it works

**you can only install apps which don't need Google Services

*NOTE: Zipatile supports 32 GB SD card, speed class from 2-10

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