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Doorbird Problems with new API

Known derHelle w. Intercom Comments: 19 Reply 9 days ago by Top T.
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Control color of multiple RGBW bulbs

Need Answer Jeroen G. General Comments: 4 Reply 9 months ago by Jeroen G.
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Zipato and apple tv integration

Need Answer raja 12 months ago General No Comments
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Support for Google or Apple ?

Answered Peter E. General Comments: 6 Reply 15 months ago by Guest
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Issues with two way audio on the Zipato Camera

Known David F. IP cameras Comments: 2 Reply 18 months ago by Carlos A.
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How to use Zipato RGBW bulb with momentary switch?

Need Answer Stian I. General Comments: 12 Reply 23 months ago by Thomas H.
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Zipato Security System Improvements

Archived Alberto M. Security Comments: 18 Reply 2 years ago by Alberto M.
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