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Zipato RGBW Bulb VS Aeon Labs RGBW Bulb VS Phillips Hue

Alberto Macias shared this question 6 years ago
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Hi folks,

I’m new to zwave and zipabox, several months ago I bought a

few devices to start automating my home, including one Zipato RGBW bulb and a

couple of Fibaro RGBW LED strip controllers for testing purposes. Now I noticed

Aeon Labs have their own Bulb, which looks a little bit nicer than zipato but I

have read many great comments of people using Phillips Hue. Zipato shows

Phillips Hue compatibility, my question is, has anyone compared these three

bulbs, in terms of functionality, reliability, consumption etc… Zipato bulb

works fine but, I see more Phillips hue devices in the market, and also the

fact that they are releasing GU10 sockets which I like better for scene control

Any experience, comment or recommendation is greatly

appreciated. Best Regards.

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Osram Lightify. Better lumens, clarity, range. You will need the zigbee expansion module only. With hue you still need their bridge. If you own a zipabox I would choose the Zipato RGBW over the Aeonlabs RGBW. But if you want the best, my opinion is definately the Lightify bulbs.


I can only say things about Aeotec and Philips Hue. I love Philips Hue and are not saticfied with Aeotec.

Se my video:

I have not tested any Osram but are realy interested of doing that!


I love the Osram LED Strip Lightify. Easy to use. Warm color. Reliable with the ZigBee Module. Works better than the combination of Fibaro RGBW controller with normal LED Strip. Have both at home and would buy only Lightify again.


What do you mean by "Works better" ?

Stronger glow?

Faster response?

More even glow?

Better matching the colors in the app?

More options in rules?

More settings on the device?

Ramp up/down time settings?

Remember latest state?

There is a lot of things you could set with lights?


- faster reaction

- reliable colors

- stronger glow (Fibaro controlls either white or colors)

- more options (direct control of Kelvin)

Better you try .... :-)


Nice.... But Philip hue dimmer switch remote is also very nice...


Thanks for all the comments, definitely Aeon Labs doesn't look that good anymore. It is a difficult decision;

Phillips Hue

PRO's- does have (or will have) GU10 socket bulbs, it has been brought to Mexico (where I live) and the switch does look good.

CON's - does need an ethernet cable, so technically has to live besides zipabox, my home is medium size and the bulbs would be the only zigbee devices so not sure about network reliability.

Zipato RGBW bulbs

PRO's - Enhances zwave network stability (almost all my devices are zwave), it works fine so far, quality of light is good and don't need more than the bulbs.

CON's - There are no GU10 socket bulbs.

Osram Lightify

PRO's - for your comments seems the best or at least equal quality than Phillips. GU10 sockets available.

CON's - No Osram lightify bulbs in mexico, not sure how reliable the zigbee network will be, zipato zigbee module is required.


With Osram you need the zigbee module, but you need the Hue Hub with phillips hue anyways. Osram have a larger range and zigbee range is actually better than z-wave, and slightly faster. You can buy all your osram lightify bulbs from the USA, go through amazon if need be.

The only major advantage of Hue is the abundance of apps and settings available through the app.

Wall switch? OK its kind of cool, but you could also program any switch to do the same via the Zipabox.

Try this, it is zigbee ha but i am not sure if it is supported by Zipato. You would have to program like a remote i imagine.


But why not put a Z-wave dimmer in like Fibaro or Qubino and go for the new GU10 with dimmabel warm the new thing.'

The to values you should look for is (RA) CRI as high as possible 85 or more, and color temp down to 2200 is nice.


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