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Changing from Zipabox to ZipaTile

Need Answer derJan General Comments: 1 Reply 24 hours ago by David R.
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Zipatile and Sonos

Need Answer Hector R. General Comments: 6 Reply 47 hours ago by J.P. F.
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Zipatile Update - Metadata missing

Archived Donal O. General Comments: 7 Reply 19 days ago by Christian O.
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Adding Ikea Tradfri Driver

Need Answer Robbert v. Compatibility Comments: 8 Reply 24 days ago by Oliver L.
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Can Zipatile run other Android Apps??

Need Answer Alberto M. General Comments: 8 Reply 27 days ago by yến p.
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Message 'Setup is not complete'

Known Robbert v. 47 days ago General No Comments
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