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Zipatile & P1, HUE and RFID

Oswin Peters shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer


I am serious considering a Zipatile, for security and home automation but I still have some questions:

- What can I use to integrate the P1 smart meter cable with the Zipatile?

- Is the Philips Hue bridge fully integrated?

- Will the Mini RFID with RFID Tags work with the Zipatile?

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Hi Oswin. These are only guesses:

- either will need to create a cluster between zipatile and zipabox and add P1 module to zipabox or perhaps there is a zwave device capable to connect P1 directly.

- accondingly to Sebastian it will be 1-2 weeks

- Mini RFID from Zipato will surely work with zipatile as with Zipabox.


- Is the Philips Hue bridge fully integrated?

Simple answer to this is No!


- I don't want to buy a Zipabox and P1 module (260 euros) only for this function, so there must be a cheaper way.

Can I use the PlugWise P1 or even better the Zwave P1 from benext ?

- Proper HUE API integration is preferred to make life easy, but can do with plain HTTP POST commands I guess

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