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Support of the BeNext Tag reader (RFID)

Completed Jerome Comments: 74 Reply 7 years ago by Lorenzo N.
28 votes

Manage the Mirror of Violet

Archived Lio06 Comments: 1 Reply 8 years ago by Lio06
1 vote

NFC Reader instead of RFID

Archived Avelino J. Comments: 10 Reply 6 years ago by Adrian V.
8 votes

mini keypad RFiD

Answered Marcus B. Comments: 6 Reply 6 years ago by Pero Z.
2 votes

zipato/Benext rfid tag reader which tags are working

Answered Gratje Comments: 3 Reply 6 years ago by David G.
4 votes

zipato keypad battery status

Archived Gratje Comments: 6 Reply 2 years ago by Ricardo S.
5 votes

Mini Keypad RFID - 10 users ? and for 50 users ?

Archived ludovic g. 6 years ago No Comments
3 votes

Zipato rfid keypad not triggering exitdelay

Archived Peter v. 6 years ago General No Comments
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How to "unlearn" a Zipato Mini Keypad

Answered acteck General Comments: 3 Reply 6 years ago by Pero Z.
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Zipato mini keypad - Alarm partition questions

Archived Henk J. General Comments: 3 Reply 5 years ago by Marius
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