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zipato keypad battery status

Gratje shared this problem 8 years ago

I have a zipato/benext keypad/tag reader.

but this module is not visible in the GUI. only used for the alarm.

but is it possible to see the battery status? because its not in the device list.

also why is the buzzer function not used?

and still I don't have an answer on which type of tags I can use with the keypad.

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Hello Gratje,

At the moment you can not see battery status or use buzzer function.


when does buzzer function avialable. Especialy with zipato keypad?


i have the same problem. It is a major problem, because suddenly it stops connecting the keypad with the zipabox, because the battery is exhausted and you think that you have activated the alarm and in reality you have not done it. In addition, the energy consumption is high, the two batteries are exhausted in less than two months.



I'm having the same issue... the batteries are empty in about 2 months, which is actually too little time if we keep in mind that the rest of Z-Wave elements in my network are still allmost 100% and they were working even before that the keypad.

Any explanation or solution??

Thanks in advance


I never found any resolution... I had to stop using the Zipato keypad and put it in the trash bin. Instead I use a stanard wall switch to arm Away, and the phone app or unlocking the door to Disarm. This works perfect for me and my family.


Thanks Martin!!!

I'm using an eEdomus box as a controller and there is an "good" alternative to disarm the alarm .. via DHCP detecting the mac of the smartphone you can create a rule to disarm the alarm. The point is that for arming the alarm is not that simple if you want to have a control of who has armed / disarmed, there is no problem when you and the people who is living in the house, but not that easy when eventualy someone has to enter in the house (Eg. cleaning staff). That's why I've started to use the mini keypad.

I've already had a really bad experience with the supoprt team of Zipato .. "not my fault, look at your controller" but finally it was the minikeypad. I'm afraid Zipato way far of building quality products and provide a good service (customer experience) .. at least my interactions with Zipato are being very bad.

I'm afraid that your solution (throw the keypad away) is going to be the one I will follow...

Thanks anyway!!

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