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Zipato mini keypad - Alarm partition questions

Henk Jansen shared this idea 8 years ago
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Hi i have the Zipato mini installed and added it to arm and disarm my alarm.

I have 2 users that can do this with a rfid tag. That works correctly.

But i can only assign a pin-code OR a tag to one user to arm/disarm. Is it possible to let the user choose weither to use their badge, or (if they can't find it when coming home) to use a pin-code? Or do i have to create a Third (fictive) user for that?

My second question is also considering the use of the Rfid tags. The mini keypad is used to read the tag after pressing 'home' or 'away'. Wich you can setup in the alarm settings tab 'users'. But there are 4 options. Arm Away, Arm Home, Disarm and Panic. I like to set up my alarm system with Arm Home (for at night) , Arm Away, and disarm (when at home during the day). how should i do this? (without using the web app or android app).

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nice to see that others have these problems too.

In the past you were able to attach serveral chips and pins to one user. with the last firmware update it is not possible anymore. support told me this was changed to improve security...

now you have to create a seperate user for every chip and pin, but not enough with that. every user Needs it's own email adress, so first you have to registrate a number of "fictive" e-mail accounts just for your zipabox :P

when you have an usecase like me...

3 chips (wife, kid, me) for arm away / disarm

+3 pins (wife, kid, me) for arm home / disarm

+4 pins for run different light scenes

+1 pin for panic mode

... you need 11 users and of course 11 email adresses!

extremely complicated, isn't it?

to your second question, you can only choose 2 options for one chip/pin because you just have two command options at the beginning (home / away). thats why i use chips for arm away and pins for arm home.

greetz 7710


Btw: when you use a pin for (normaly) arm home / disarm and u use it on the pad while alarm is armed away, system will disarm like you would use the chip. so if you come home and don't have the chip with you, you also can disarm with your pin...


This sollution is just pure low quality and I have spent several nights trying to make something (that worker earlier) to work again.

Tip: I don't know if this works, but you might be able to "outsmart" the mail check mechanism of Zipato if you have a gmail acoount. Look here for different variations of formatting the email-address for the same account:

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