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Zipato Outdoor IP Camera not working on Zipatile

Archived Ubuntuu 7 years ago IP cameras No Comments
7 votes

ZIpatile temperature sensor go up when wall mont

Archived Olivier L. General Comments: 6 Reply 6 years ago by Arski
2 votes

How to use the 3rd Relay on the Zipatile ?

Archived Etienne P. 7 years ago General No Comments
1 vote

More than 100 Zipatiles in a 6 storey building

Archived Laszlo S. General Comments: 6 Reply 7 years ago by Adrian V.
1 vote

Push notifications not shown on Zipatile??

Archived Alberto M. 7 years ago No Comments
4 votes

Zipatile / Calendar

Need Answer Robert H. Comments: 2 Reply 7 years ago by Robert H.
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Zipatile death

Archived Lars General Comments: 3 Reply 7 years ago by Lars
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Intercom between Zipatiles under the same Cluster

Archived Simon M. Intercom Comments: 6 Reply 6 years ago by Simon M.
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