How to create a cluster


- Zipato Controllers


  • 1) In order to use the cluster feature, ALL of the controllers you're planning to add to it MUST have a valid PRO licence
  • 2) Go to the Multibox tab, and click "Create Cluster", confirm the window that opens with YES
  • 3) Refresh the web page
  • 4) Go again to the Multibox tab
  • 5) Select the S/N of the created cluster, and copy it
  • 6) Paste the copied S/N of the cluster to the every controller you have
  • 7) Go to your first controller, afterwards select the controller settings tab, and at the end you will have a ZIPATO CLUSTER box
  • 8) Paste the cluster S/N in that box, and SAVE it
  • 9) Same procedure goes for the other controllers
  • 10) When you have finalized adding all of your controllers to the cluster, it is IMPORTANT to save everything by clicking the SYNC button
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