Creating Account with Zipato

To benefit from the Zipato monitoring and control service you will need to set up your Zipato account and register your Zipabox. Upon registration you will automatically get the basic free level of monitoring service. 

Open a browser window on your computer and go to the following URL:
Click on “Sign Up!” button in the middle of the screen and fill out all required fields that will pop-up in the line below the “Sign Up!” button.

1. Fill out empty fields (First name, Last name, Email and Password)
2. Take note of your password during this process.
3. Click on “Register”

Once you input registration data and click on register, the following message will pop up:
“Thank you for signing up! Please check your e-mail for confirmation message.”

When this message appears check your email account. If there is no email please check spam container.
Email should look like this:
“Hi, your email here, welcome to the Zipabox! To validate your email address please click on the following link verify.”

Once email is verified, login to Zipato by filing out credentials.

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