Network heal

Network heal:

Network heal is a tool that can rebuild the Z-Wave controller routing table of the entire Z-Wave network.

It instructs every Z-Wave device in your Z-Wave network to find other Z-Wave devices in their direct range and report the results back to the controller. With this information, the controller can construct a new routing table that reflects the current topology of your Z-Wave network.

This process can be started and stopped at any time, without side effects.


  • 1.) Go to Device manager on WEB UI
  • 2.) You will see Zwave feature, and on this feature select setting button
  • 3.) When you enter Zwave settings, you will see the NETWORK HEAL feature
  • 4.) Click on it, and the new window will pop up
  • 5.) To perform network heal, select START
  • 6.) REMINDER: You will have to wake up all devices that runs on batteries
  • 7.) When the network heal is done, close that window
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