How to use scenes [basic]


Scenes are the most basic level of automation. 

Scene is just a group of devices set to the certain state (on, off, 30%, etc…). Once you call the scene by pressing the scene button, all devices in that group will go to that certain state.


  • 1.) In WEB UI go to the scenes feature
  • 2.) And on the right side you will see create scene option, click on that
  • 3.) First name the scene you want to create
  • 4.) To add device to the scene simply click ADD button
  • 5.) If you want to remove device, simply click on REMOVE
  • 6.) Add devices that you want, and also set their indicators, for example ADD RGBW bulb and set it to 50%
  • 7.) When you are done adding devices, SAVE this scene
  • 8.) When the scene is saved, perform SYNCHRONIZATION
  • 9.) After that your scene is ready to use

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