Somfy RTS - Adding & configuring

Key requirements for Somfy RTS motor to work with a Zipato controller
1. You need to have either integrated (inside Zipato controller) or external Zipato 433MHz expansion module (433MHz Module).
2. The shutter motor needs to be a Somfy RTS motor (with internal 433MHz RF module).
3. Somfy RTS motor must have free memory (slots) for pairing with the Zipato controller. If the memory is full, the only way to clear the memory of Somfy RTS motor" is to do a factory reset on it.
4. Somfy RTS motor needs to be programmed correctly via Somfy remote controller.

Somfy RTS motor configuration - prior inclusion with the Zipato controller
1. Note that Somfy RTS motor needs to be configured prior inclusion with Zipato controller (not necessary if Somfy RTS motor is already configured)
2. Resetting Somfy RTS motor to factory default: Video Link
3. Programming A Somfy Remote: Video Link

Inclusion with Zipato Controller (433Mhz protocol)
1. Prior inclusion with Zipato controller your Somfy RTS motor needs to be put into the learning mode
2. To set the device in learning mode press and hold reset button on the backside of Somfy Remote controller until the RTS motor jogs shortly down & up
3. Start inclusion of Somfy RTS on Zipato controller via "Add new device" button
4. Find "Somfy" brand/logo and select Somfy RTS in the "Add new device wizard"
5. Click "Continue" button in "Add new device wizard"
6. After you click the "Continue" button your Somfy RTS motor will jog shortly down & up to confirm inclusion with Zipato controller

Configuring the Somfy RTS time for shutters going down and up via Zipato Control Center is done as follows:
1. Go to "Device Manager"
3. Click on "433MHz" network
4. Click on "Somfy RTS" to show cluster below
5. Click on this cluster to show endpoint "Roller shutter"
6. Go to endpoint "Roller shutter" and click on "Settings" on the right side
7. Go to "Configuration" and fill in predefined values (time for shutters going down 100% and up 100%)
8. Save and Synchronize at the end to exchange the configuration between Zipato Cloud Server and Zipato Controller

How to fill in configuration and what values to use?
1. You need to count seconds/time until the shutters go down (100%) and up (100%) and enter the values in Zipato Control Center. Values are usually the same, but all depends on the weight of the shutters and motor strength.
2. Top and bottom offsets are optional if you have additional offsets on your window, if you do not have any keep "0" values

Notice: When you move up/down shutters of your Somfy RTS motor, you need to wait for Somfy RTS to finish moving before trying to manipulate it again via Zipato controller.


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