Adding Smoke sensor on Zipato Controller

This application note shows how to add a Smoke sensor to your Zipato Controller.


Zipato Smoke Sensor (Z-Wave) is designed to give early warning of developing fires by giving off the alarm sounds from its build-in alarm horn, based on Z-Wave technology. 


-Zipato Smoke sensor

-Zipato Controller

Battery installation:

To open the front cover please follow below steps:

  • 1.Open battery compartment.
  • 2.Install battery into compartment and make sure the “+” and “-”ends of each battery are aligned properly.
  • 3.After battery is installed in compartment, you will hear a chirp which indicates the device is receiving battery power.

Process adding to Z-Wave network:

  • 1.Click on 'Add new device'.
  • 2.Click on 'ZWave', the discovery process for ZWave devices started automatically.
  • 3.Press three times Test button within 1.5 seconds to put the Zipato Smoke sensor in inclusion mode.
  • 4.Synchronize and reload the dashboard.


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