Nexa Transmitter - Adding

How to add a Nexa Transmitter device on a Zipato Controller?
1. Log in into Zipato Control Center
2. Go to the “Device Manager” button on the left sidebar
3. Press “Add new device” button
4. Please find and select NEXA network protocol
5. Please find and select appropriate device on the displayed list
6. Take your Nexa Transmitter device and activate it (send "on" message) as described in manufacturer's manual
8. Your Zipato controller will receive message by sent Nexa Transmitter device
9. Automatic synchronization of data between your Zipato Controller and Zipato Cloud Server will be started
10. Congratulations your Nexa Transmitter is added
11. Your device will be visible in "Device Manager" and "Rules Creator"

In the tutorial you can also find a simple example of an rule that is triggered by the Nexa Transmitter.


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