Zipato IR Extender AC Configuration

This application note shows how to configure your Air Conditioner with a Zipato IR Extender.


- Zipato IR Extender
- Zipato Controller
- Air Conditioner (for this example, we use a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)


The Zipato IR Extender was 'Included' into Z-Wave network by 'Adding' it to Zipato Controller, further information is available in Add Zipato IR Extender.

1. In 'Device Manager', go into the configuration menu of your Zipato IR Extender
2. Look through the user manual to find the Infrared code number of your AC
3. Copy/paste it in the configuration menu
4. Save, synchronize and reload the dashboard.
5. In the device browser, click on 'Add new device', 'Virtual Devices' and choose 'Virtual thermostat'
6. Choose a name to your 'Virtual thermostat'
7. For each output (heating, cooling, thermometer) choose 'Zipato Aircondition IR'
8. Save, synchronize and reload the dashboard.
9. In device browser, you can now control your AC via the virtual thermostat in the 'Climate' section


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