Add Zipato IR Extender

This application note shows how to add a Zipato IR Extender to your Zipato Controller.


-Zipato IR Extender
-Zipato Controller


1. Click on 'Add new device'
2. Click on 'ZWave', the discovery process for ZWave devices started automatically
3. Press three times the 'Prog' button to put the Zipato IR Extender in learning mode.
4. Synchronize and reload the dashboard

Use the IR Extender to centralize IR remote controller:

1. Go in the device browser
2. In the Generic On/Off section, go in the configuration of 'Zipato Infrared remote'
3. Click on configuration
4.Choose a name to the event and click on 'Learn', the indication led should be on for one second
5. Get your remote close to the Zipato IR Extender and press the button you went to associate to your event. The indication led should get on for one second to confirm the learning of the event code.
6. Synchronize and reload the dashboard
7. You can now trigger the event you created directly in your Zipato Controller or by using your IR remote.


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