Virtual alarm part 1 and part 2

Virtual alarm:

Our virtual alarm can be used on top of already existing alarm system like DSC or Paradox (in that case, you will need to connect Zipabox expansion module Security or Serial which have a serial port).

If you don't have an existing wired Security system you can use the benefit of our Virtual alarm and connect different wireless sensors (Z-Wave, EnOcean, 433 etc.): Motion, Flood, Door/Window, Smoke, and actuators: Bulb, Siren, Power Switch. When some sensor (virtual security zone) is triggered/virtual alarm is tripped which can then activate some siren, light or can even play some loud music over your home speakers.

The possibilities and benefits are almost unlimited.

Virtual alarm part 1:


  • 1.) To add a Virtual Alarm go to device manager
  • 2.) Go to ADD NEW DEVICE feature, and then go on Virtual devices
  • 3.) When the new window is open, choose Virtual alarm option
  • 4.) We are going to configure our Virtual alarm the same way that intruder alarm is configurated on Zipatile (to see the configuration watch the video)
  • 5.) You can always configure the virtual alarm as you wish
  • 6.) When you are done with configuring your Virtual alarm, please perform SYNCHRONIZATION and after that refresh the page

Virtual alarm part 2:

  • 1.) Go to Device browser and then go to New Virtual Alarm's settings
  • 2.) Default pin is 0000, but if you change it, then enter your current PIN
  • 3.) If you watched the part 1, then you have everything set, now we just explain meaining of each feature
  • 4.) If you don't understand some features, you can click on the i icon and you'll have it explaned
  • 5.) To create zones we have again to the New Virtual Alarm, and on the right of it, you will have 3 icons, and the middle icon is Create zone feature
  • 6.) First of all, you have to name your Zone
  • 7.) After that you start to configurating your Zones
  • 8.) In video all features are explaned, but you can always click on the i icon and you will see explanation of particular feature
  • 9.) When you are done with configurating, please perform SYNCHRONIZATION, and also refresh the page
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