Zipato Smart Thermostat

Zipato can help you conserve energy while having perfect climate conditions in your home.

Perfect thermostat should be invisible. There shouldn't be any special device hanging on a wall. It should be adjusted easily to automatically maintain perfect ambiance while conserving as much energy as it is possible.

Adjusting temperature in each room separately could be done by just playing with your smartphone. Zipato can adjust each valve separately, so you can for example, turn off radiator valves in your living room while keep them open in children's room. Zipato can also do this automatically if there is no presence in children room for a while.

Remote control
How many times people coming home and wish someone could set the heating on before they arrive? Zipato can do that. You can adjust your heating and cooling from everywhere in the world, using your smartphone.

Scheduling Zipato to activate heating and cooling automatically is extremely easy and intuitive. You can do it online through a web browser, using your mouse and keyboard. You can adjust different temperature modes (e.g. Comfort, Economy, Sleep...), and later activate those modes with the click of the button.

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