Administrate member security privilege

This application note shows how to administrate member security privilege in security partition on Control center.


1) Enable user access to security settings

To enable a user to have access to security settings. First Master member need to active Alarm option within user setting.

  • 1.Click on 'Users'.
  • 2.Click on 'Edit'.
  • 3.Enable Alarm option.
  • 4.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize.

2) Edit user PIN

  • 1.Click on 'Change user PIN'.
  • 2.Enter Master PIN.
  • 3.Enter User PIN.
  • 4.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize.

3) Edit user security rights

  • 1.Click on 'Device Browser'
  • 2.Click on 'Security Partition'
  • 3.Click on 'Edit'
  • 4.Click on tab 'Users'
  • 5.Click on a user name.
  • 6.Enable/Disable user security rights
  • 5.Click on 'Save' and Synchronize and reload the dashboard.


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