How to include Qubino flush shutter / venetian mode

Raffael Schnell shared this idea 4 months ago

A quick step by step guide on how to include the qubino shutter module including venetian blind mode: (Please also consult the Qubino Manual and go to have a look at parameters for pros.)

1) Set Zipato into Z-Wave inclusion:

2) To exclude: press button on I1 3 times within 3s (I recommend to mount a non latching push-button). After exclusion the inclusion starts: Again tripple click I1 within 3s. Now the module should be included

3) Preferably on the web interface go to the device manager and edit the settings (gear wheel)>configuration: See fig1: If you like to use venetian mode(tilt), you have to select that option. Save configuration and refresh both devices and controller (yellow marked in fig2)

For Venetian Blinds option

4) Now you have to exclude the module again (But not yet re-include it!)

Set Zipato in inclusion/exclusion. Tripple click I1: After exlcusion ABORD INCLUSION!

Refresh the controller until the device is no more shown in the list (maybe two times needed)

5) Wait at least 30s - preferably 60s

6) Set Zipatile into exclusion/inclusion. SKIP EXCLUSION. After inclusion started again tripple click I1 within 3s (DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN 3times > 5times clicking resets the module)

7) After succesfull re-inclusion you should see the module again (maybe some refreshes needed):

Check the device manager. If you see Venetian Mode Control appearing below your shutter module - then you have succeeded(fig3). To see venetian mode control in the device browser, you have to click the gear symbol and select show as device.

8) Depending on your shutters you need to calibrate or set the travel times as described in the manual and on the qubino homepage.


Sometimes it requires more than one attempt to get Venetian mode working (Personal impression is that on weekends when people are playing, it is more difficult (cloud busy??)

In general be patient (I know this is hard) and always make shure the Zipato is properly refreshed and syncronized between each step.


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About inclusion methods and device configuration parameters, you will to consult the user manual provided with that device.


Thanks Raffael, great guide!

1's working :)Thanks.


Qubinos are always tricky to include, my trick is to wire them to 24v while including so I can use the B button instead of wiring a switch to I1.

Question, why aborting inclusion after setting venetian blinds mode? Manual does say the device needs to be excluded and then re-included, did you tried including it right after excluding it?


Hi Alberto.

At least for the Qubinos sold 1year ago you had to wait at least 30s after exclusion. So thats why I recommended to abort and wait & sync. prior inclusion.

As you say its far from beeing a pleasure to include those devices...


Guys. Do you have any issues using the Qubino's in Venetian mode?

Is there any state discrepancy at all? The reason why Im asking is that for example I have 2 qubino dimmers and whilst they work ok, for some unknown reason they usually report 1-2% as state when they are switched off.


I confirm the above manual must be followed to enable this mode. Basically Once you change parameter to Venetian mode and you exclude, you cannot include it within the same procedure, you have to wait 30 seconds.

I tried to exclude and include the device without waiting in between and never showed up correctly. Once I waited 30 seconds, and included, it included as desired.