Motion sensor as exit/entry zone

chardin shared this problem 2 weeks ago

I have a motion detector in the lobby where my keyboard is located to arm my alarm. I declared this sensor as an entry / output zone with delays of 45 seconds. After the alarm is armed if the sensor detects twice my presence during the 45 seconds after the alarm has been armed, the second detection is considered as entry detection and triggers the alarm 45 seconds after this second detection.

Is there a way to not consider this second detection as an entry?


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I think Zipato needs to polish their virtual alarm, I already sent some comments to their development team and they said they had some improvements in mind too.

Technically if you configure your zone as Entry / Exit with a 45 second delay on both, any motion detected on the following 45 seconds after you ARM the system are considered as part of the "Exit Delay Period" regardless of how many motion events happen. AFTER those 45 seconds if a motion is detected should be considered as "Entry Delay Period" and will trigger the alarm if you don't disarm it after those 45 seconds. I guess if you either need to increase the "Exit Delay" or remove the "Entry Delay" option from that zone, depending what is the operation you expect from the system (which is not totally clear to me).

I think the problems start when you configure zones as ARM STATE ANY, for example this sensor, which can be detecting motion while you are trying to ARM the system. I was advised to use "Follower Zone" for this purpose, and "zone grouping" to reduce misfires between zones.