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AGAIN offline, back online after 14hr. Ridiculous.

Known Alone U. 18 days ago General No Comments

And again our zipabox is out of control!

Solved Alone U. General Comments: 1 Reply 50 days ago by Ivan D.

Offline. Again and Again and again!

Known Alone U. General Comments: 7 Reply 3 months ago by Gabriel

Offline since 23.45 and local connection unusable

Completed Alone U. General Comments: 12 Reply 6 months ago by Mario Z.

Network security KEY - Anyone know?

Need Answer Alone U. 6 months ago Security No Comments

Zwave network ID -secure inclusion

Need Answer Alone U. 8 months ago Security No Comments

How to do a controller shift?

Need Answer Alone U. 8 months ago General No Comments

fw 1.3.113 beta is working for Zipabox 1 ?

Answered Alone U. General Comments: 2 Reply 15 months ago by Alone U.