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Considering Energy consumption app 29 credits

Carl Magnus Granstedt shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration


If I purchase Energy consumption for 29 credits. Will I be able to export data from 433 MHz sensors also?

I want to combine energy consumption (from z-wave sensor) and temperature and humidity (from 433MHz) and export easily to E.g. Ms Excel.

Next question - Are there anyway to store more than 10 days history within the zipato cloud? In the HMI there is a button for 1 month but I never have had more than 10 days of data. Is it restricted of data volume or days? If based on volume how to reduce number of data points in the history to get more days.

Using Zipabox fw. 1.3.61 standard/Basic (not with PRO bundle)

Thanks in advance, stay safe!

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