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3G module does not work

Viktor shared this problem 2 years ago


I have a a prepaid data SIM card for a local operator with simple settings, the card requires a PIN and I correctly set the APN as well. The 3G module does not connect to the Internet. The LED of the 2nd button on Zipabox2 is lightning steadily however the 3rd LED is just blinking. It looks like the 3G module became active but the controller is unable to connect to the cloud. Has anyone experienced the same?

I tested with another SIM card (different provicer, subscription based) and it does not work either, it has the same symptoms. Both SIM cards work well in a mobile phone with the same PIN/APN settings.

Zipato support was unable to help, they could not share any requirements for checiking the logs or whatever. Do you think that accessing the controller via Ethernet is possible and check the status of the 3G connection?



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