Migration from V2 to V3: Some notes

Uwe Dmoch shared this problem 11 days ago

Hi guys.

I recently stated the migration of 2 v1-boxes out of a cluster:

Initial setup: 2 V1-boxes operated in a cluster

1st migration step: 1 new V2-box configured as master in combination with one of the old v1-boxes as slave. The original idea was to minimize the effort an keep the second box in the cluste for the time beeing as boxes steer separate buildings.

Well, the technical migration with linked devices went well, but migrated master/slave-systeme did not execute any rule, nor virtual thermostats, although all devices itself continue to send propper events,

To make a long story short:

I think it is important to delete all rules before V1 box will be migrated to the V3-plattform. It looks like the old box still tries to execute old rules existing on the box. You cannot see these ones in V3 admin tool. The new V2-master box seems to block the execution of these hidden rules and vice versa. I did shut down the new V2box, becaus I had to bring it into another building. During this time, out of a sudden, all old rules on the V1 box started to execute.

Potentially all virtual devises should be deleted upfront a migration to a "clear" box with just devices linked to it.



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