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How do i setup S2 on Fibaro dimmer 2 - FGD-212?

Mattias Mattias shared this question 2 years ago
Need Answer


i recently installed a few FGD-212 do dim downlights. works fine out the box!

But the input S2 i want to use with the second Switch next to the bed to turn of all the lights in my system.

But i cant figure out how to program it in zipabox 2.

when i try to make a Rule to use it it looks like the attatched file

Do anyone have any ideas on what parameters i need to set to be able to see it properly?

i might not understand the technical English language that well. i get more confused reading the manual..

This is the manual:

so. what im after: if i trigger S2 with my switch. all the lights should turn off.

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