Upgrade to admin.zipator from my.zipato

Csanád shared this idea 21 months ago
Under Consideration


I try to upgrade my very old system to the current version.

I already created a server with the same username and password that works at my.zipato, admin.zipato.


After I tried to add server with serial number but I got this message: Controller with serial T***** is already registered.


What the correct way to upgrade the server? How can I remove from the old one and how can i add to the new one? Or is it possible to migrate all devices from my.zipato to admin.zipato?

Also my zipato controller since the last update kinda freezed see : update_freez.jpg


+1 question : Can I install some nice GUI for the controller so I dont see this picture:




PS: I didn't know how safe to paste here the serial, if you need guys pls contact me.

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