Blinds need calibration

Robert shared this idea 18 months ago
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Hello everyone,

I have Mob.Iq tubular Z-Wave motors paired with a Zipato controller for my shutters and one of the motors has lost its position (eg. when it's closed at 50% it stops at a different level than the rest of the blinds) so it needs recalibrating.

The motor documentation says:

The [ M35 EZRS ] tubular motor utilizes 2 configuration parameters:

Parameter 12 - allows to change motor state (normal mode/calibration mode/

discalibration mode) [1byte]

0 - normal mode (default)

1 - calibration mode

2 - discalibration mode (reset of the tubular motor - restore presets)

Parameter 13 - allows to change motor behavior after receiving BASIC_SET with

value 0xFF [1 byte]

0 - last known non-zero position (default)

1 - max open

Please let me know where exactly in the my.zipato interface should this parameter be selected in order to do the calibration. I'm new here.

Thank you!

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