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"Configuration sent" message... but nothing is sent (!)

olivier34 shared this problem 4 years ago

I am trying to change the wake-up interval of a Fibao smoke detector FGSD-002.

In the "parameters configuration panel", I changed the value (from 360 minutes to 40 minutes), than I clicked on "SEND". I than have a first message : "Setting configuration..." rapidly followed by "Please wake up your device.".

While this message is displayed, I did wake up the device (pressing 3 time the main button on the Fibaro device).

After some attempt, I have a message "Configuration sent". than, I save the configuration, I also "synchronize" with the box, than I close the configuration panel for the device

But when I go back to the configuration menu of the device... value is back to the first value (360 minutes).

So it looks like nothing was sent to the device (!)

Maybe I am not doing the right thing... any suggestion will be highly appreciated...