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Door contact and multisensor trio

Befnek shared this idea 7 years ago
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does anyone have experience with placing the door/window sensors horizontally? On one door (door contact) and one window (multisensoe trio)I had to place them horizontally (on top). And because they do not have a tilt function, I wouldn't see a problem.....

But sometimes they report the "open status" when door or window is closed. I opened for instance the door several times, but there was no mentioning in the log,and the status didn't change. I can confirm that each sensor and the corresponding magnet are 5 mm apart, and that the red light on the sensor blinks each and every time I open or close the door/window, as it should. Both sensors are 4 meters distance from the Zipabox. So that can't be the problem either.

Can this false status and NOT detecting of the opening and closing be explained by the horizontal placement of the sensor or is it a malfunction in the box (software/firmware)??

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