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FTP images from my cameras have gone black/corrupt (again)

Pablo shared this problem 6 years ago

Hello all,

I am new to this Zipato community. I found plenty of the functionalities great as well as the support from the Zipato team. I really appreciate their effort to develop new features (for free!) and continuous support.

BUT, regarding the FTP malfunctioning for the ip cameras, I am experiencing the third FTP system failure in less than a month. This is disgusting, as the problem was solved last two times, and now here it is again. Of course I opened a ticket and I know it is going to be solved.

But my question is the following: if there are regular problems with FTP for ip cameras I cannot rely on this system. I would like to use a 99,9% uptime FTP server that I easily could find on the internet. Reliability problems would dissapear for Zipato and users would be happier.

Why is this not possible?

Thank you.

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