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GEO tag sensors in rules

Slashroot shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer


I use life 360 to define if someone is at home or not and push the status to a virtual sensor on the Zipabox using IFTT and google drive.

The sensor part works perfectly but i am not able to use both sensors together in a rule somehow.

What i am trying to do is the following:

-When both persons are not at home and the alarm is not turned on send a push message, so if GEO tag for both persons is INACTIVE and Alarm Status is INACTIVE send message

The problem that i get is that when on person "becomes" inactive it will send the push message while this should only happen when both persons geotag is inactive and alarm status is also inactive.

I attached 3 rules, 2 rules for the Geotag (1 per person). The 3rd rule that uses a schedule also did not work (when using this rule i disabled the other 2).

Anyone has an idea how to solve this?



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