Heatit Z-Scene Controller

Wladi Lag shared this problem 11 months ago


I successfully included the heatit Z-Scene Controller and I am able to toggle the 6 buttons with the softbuttons in the app directly (LED switchs on heatit goes on immediatly). I was also able to manage associations with other z wave devices. The associated devices are working when I push the selected hardbuttons immediatly.

But when I am pushing the hardbuttons the state of the binary actuator (the softbuttons) only toggle after a long time (LED on heatit is on, but switchstatus in the app changes after several minuets). So I am not able to create any rules, because Zipabox is not recognize the status from the hardware buttons fast enough.

So why can I change the status of the hardbuttons with softbuttons directly but not the other way arround. On the other hand it works directly from hardbuttons to softbuttons, when I create an association with association manager in the advanced settings.

I hope I could explain my problem plausible =)