How does the API for schedules work?

Pontifex shared this problem 31 days ago

I have been playing around a bit with the API, but with the schedule calls I'm running into some issues.

Using the PUT /rules/{id}/code I have been able to change which schedule is used to trigger a rule, which was one objective that I had.

However, when it comes to modifying the schedules I can't seem to get it to work.

All of the GET operations seems to work fine, and using PUT /schedules/{uuid}/config gives a positive response, and when I use GET again to confirm the change it seems that the change has gone through, but the change doesn't seem to actually apply regardless of Save or Synchronization.

I have also tried to create a new Schedule (thinking I could get around the issue above through creating/deleting schedules instead of modifying them), but using the Model Schema for the POST operation gives the fairly useless response "Bummer.":

{  "success": false,  "error": "Bummer."}

And the response code 500 (internal server error).

Is there any more information available somewhere on the API for schedules?

What is implemented/working and what is not?

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In the event that the Spring Config server isn't accessible, we can likewise get it. Any refresh of the cron articulation will refresh the Scheduler. Yet, so as to drop the present schedule and online dissertation help uk execute the new timetable, we can expose an API.


yes, this will works! and yes API allows you to schedule HTTPS requests for specific time. the API enables you to start making task and make a post request to enable the application. i have a site of cheap essay writer in which i provide SSL layer of my URL because this is very important.