How does the API for schedules work?

Pontifex shared this problem 3 months ago

I have been playing around a bit with the API, but with the schedule calls I'm running into some issues.

Using the PUT /rules/{id}/code I have been able to change which schedule is used to trigger a rule, which was one objective that I had.

However, when it comes to modifying the schedules I can't seem to get it to work.

All of the GET operations seems to work fine, and using PUT /schedules/{uuid}/config gives a positive response, and when I use GET again to confirm the change it seems that the change has gone through, but the change doesn't seem to actually apply regardless of Save or Synchronization.

I have also tried to create a new Schedule (thinking I could get around the issue above through creating/deleting schedules instead of modifying them), but using the Model Schema for the POST operation gives the fairly useless response "Bummer.":

{  "success": false,  "error": "Bummer."}

And the response code 500 (internal server error).

Is there any more information available somewhere on the API for schedules?

What is implemented/working and what is not?