Integrating control4 to zipato

Sparky G shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

I have a zipabox on an installation controlling blinds and other z wave devices. I recently installed control4 for the AV in the system. I brought a driver to integrate the systems so that the controlling of blinds and lighting could all be done through the control4 app. When i first connected it up there was no problem and the lighting and blinds worked fine from the control4 app. After awhile it was like the zipabox would just stop sending commands given to it via the control4. After about 10 mins sometimes, all of a sudden everything that was activated from the control4 and seemed to be frozen would activate. The control4 would then operate the zipato again for awhile and then freeze up again. Has anyone else installed this driver and had any similar problems or does anyone know a way to combat this problem?