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Micro Switch single correct Conection to Power Lines & Configuration

Bern Schulte-Hillen shared this question 6 years ago
Need Answer

Hallo together,

i have a Zipato Micro Switch single and it is in my zipabox (latest Firmware) not working.

I have conect it to the Zipabox an the Switch is viewing in my Zipato cloud (only with red Lamp in offline Mode.

When i connect the Switch to the CAbles (N & L) thr Relay in the

switch is permannet working like the lamps are going on an off allways

for 1 Second. And i can here the Relay looks like Klack, klack. The red

LED of the Swizch i also in 1 Second Modus going oin and off.

I hope you have an Idea what i must do, that the switch i working.

Thanks a lot

Bern SH

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