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Network Connection offline, Zipatile is not happy...

Jens Johansson shared this question 3 years ago
Need Answer

I have a Zipatile with approx 45 z-wave devices connected to it. It manages for example thermostats, lights and alarm.

A few days ago my internet provider (fiber optics) had a little issue affecting my network connection and it will probably be another day or two till I get the connection back. This means that the zipatile is without Internet connection. I didn't see any big issues as for the zipatile since it still has LAN access and I can controll all the z-wave devices through the zipatile. At least that's what I thought.

Apparently the zipatile thinks it can "restore internet connectivity" by rebooting itself. So it reboots it self every now and then. This means that for a large portion of the time I cannot controll the z-wave network at home. It also means that it misses out on some controlls, rendering in waking up with 15 degrees at home.

I tried to "stop" the rebooting by setting the wifi to Disable but it keeps rebooting. After doing so for a day or so it shuts down, as if it has drained the battery. I then have to wait a while and try to start it (the power button does not play well) a couple of times till it gets back on again, just to begin rebooting again and again.

Rather frustrating. Should it really work this way?

How can I put the zipatile in "acknowledged offline mode" (locally as I cannot sync any changes to it) so it is ON and does not reboot?

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