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Philips HUE and Fibaro Switch / Dimmer

Manuel Puntschuh shared this question 4 years ago
Need Answer

I mostly have Fibaro Single/Double Switch 2 and Fibaro Dimmer 2 installed for my lights. Now I am also using Philips HUE bulbs.

How can I configure the system, that if I push my light switch, not the light itself is turned on or off (physically toggling power), but the bulbs should always have power, and just the HUE bulbs are controlled via the HUE bridge?

I would like to do things like

- press once at daytime, light is just turned on or off

- press once at night, light is turned on only to 20% (I could do this with a rule, to adjust the brightness after the lights are turned on, but the HUE bulbs always start at 100%; so I would really like to tell the Fibaros to not physically toggle the power when pushed and ONLY run a scene or a rule)

- press twice, a specific HUE scene is activated

- press three times, all lights on the floor are turned off etc.

I know I could do this by adding a separate zwave-button, but I would actually like to just use the existing switches with the Fibaro switch or dimmers behind.

Any ideas?

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