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Problem with connecting zipamini and zxt-120 remote control to the Daikin conditioner

Maksim shared this question 5 years ago
Need Answer


I have two questions about connecting zipamini with zxt-120 and Daikin


So the first question, there are two same

Daikin inverter FTXS35K and Daikin inverter FTXS50K in house. I have connected them with

two different zxt-120s using Daikin-11 infrared code.

But there is one problem, zxt-120 (fw. version 1.20) that is

connected with FTXS35K is always recieving data from controller(zipamini) and

sending it to the conditioner (light indicator is blinking with 2-3 second

interval) and conditioner is beeping with the same interval.

Could you explain what is the problem?

And the second problem, is that the first

zxt-120 (v 1.7) (connected with the daikin FTXS50K) time to time going offline and

cannot control conditioner or measure the temperature. (Zipamini controller is

located on the second floor but the zxt-120 is on the first floor, but the

distance is about 3-5 meeters, so it`s not the problem i think).

Maybe You could explain me what could I do for

solving these problems.