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Sony Android TV 9400e HTTP API Control

Vineet Bhojnagarwala shared this question 4 years ago
Need Answer

I've this TV for a customer controlled over HTTP/API using Virtual Level Switch mapped to HTTP Actions using rules. I wish to use Echo commands like TV on/off --> Zipato Virtual Sw --> HTTP Actions, but it seems like it is not so easy as:

When TV Any

If TV=On

Action HTTP ON



Simply because when I turn on with the V/Sw, then turn it off with remote, and then again try to turn it off with V/Sw and it won't work as it is still in ON state. I Guess the only way to do this is via Scenes, and then creating 2 V/Sw for ON and OFF. Issue with this tha I'll have to name them differently and would create confusions. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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