Zipato is integrated into Google Home

Dino Mandic shared this announcement 2 years ago

Dear users of Zipato V3 platform,

we are glad to announce that Zipato V3 platform is integrated into Google Home application so Zipato users can control their Zipato systems by voice.

To add Zipato system into your Google Home just under Settings open Works with Google menu option and select Zipato app.

After that select your Zipato system which you want to connect to Google Home and Zipato devices including virtual alarms, virtual thermostats (virtual thermostat2 are supported) will be visible in the Google Home application.

Zipato Scenes are not visible in the Google Home since they are not devices but they can be used by voice control from Google Home app.

To control virtual alarms, user will be asked by Google Assistant for the PIN so Zipato alarm PIN for the connected Zipato account must be used.

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