Alexa V3 skill is LIVE!

Mario Zgorelec shared this announcement 5 months ago

Hello everyone,

Alexa V2 under maintenance - DONE! 

in order to make the connection between Amazon Alexa server and our Zipato server more stable, we have put the service under maintenance in order to improve its stability. Everything should start working normally soon.

There is also another skill on the Amazon Alexa app which is called: Zipato V3 - Smart Home

This particular skill works only on our new V3 server with our new mobile app.

Best regards

Zipato Team

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Where are the apologies to the users?


You should inform in avance that the server is going to maintentance process before switching it off. Zipato app should send us this kind of notifications

Best Regards



Could you also make Skill available in Brazil? does not appear in the local skill selector. my devices worked on V1 and V2 with Alexa imported from the united states. Now after I migrated to v3 they stopped working.


Hi, can we have the V2 skill available in italian? Some years ago, I added the Zipato skill to my Alexa profile and inported all my devices. Now the Skill is not available in italian anymore, anyway I still can controll most of the devices, but cannot rescan or modify the devices. I have seen the skill available in US Amazon Shop, but not for the italian one.

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