Funny results while adding Aeotec Multi Sensor & changing to Zipabox2 V3

Michael M. shared this problem 15 months ago
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I cannot add Aeotec Multi Sensor 6. Most of the time it is recognized but configuration fails:

"Manufacturer_Specific_Report not received". After several tries it was recognized. However, once it was recognized as Fibaro Plug (which existed) the other time it was recognized as Fibaro Roller shutter (which also existed). Removing the nodes did not work because the devices are responding.

I had to unplug the plug, then the node could be removed. I had to include it again to have the previous situation again. It took me all day yesterday.

I consider changing to Zipabox2 V3. Can anybody, who has done this, share his experiences

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Please install the latest firmware 1.3.116 (App/Device Manager/3 dots/firmware/Enter firmware ID/227). I included a Multisensor 6 last week under V3 and it works without issues.

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