Qubino flush thermostat / Danfoss DRS21 in thermostat zone

Arnold Boekema shared this problem 10 months ago

Dear Zipato team,

I use the Qubino Flush 2 Thermostat for switching my infrared panels and a Danfoss RDS21 for temperature reading and temperature setup.

The only devices I can add in the Zipato thermostat is de Thermostat Hvac wich is a part of the Qubino device. With this set up of the system it does not work.

Do you know how to add the device in de Zipato thermostat so it works?



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as the input device you can add just one device. Under output devices of virtual thermostat PRO is possible to add several switches and thermostats.

Under thermostat zone is possible to add thermostats only under input/output devices. Please check device type of your Danfoss RDS21 thermostat.

If the issue exists, please submit a ticket.